Pacific Centre for Isotopic and Geochemical Research
Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences,
The University of British Columbia


Researchers, students, steering committee and general scientific community—they all are actively involved in a number of exciting projects and various aspects of PCIGR.

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2018 Team Photo
Standing: B. Kieffer, J. Gabites, R. Friedman, K. Gordon, V. Lai, J. Cutts, R. Emo, K. Smith, G. Patton, A. Fourny, T. Ockerman, A. Davidson, H. Lin, N. Moerhuis, E. Skierszkan, N. Williamson, M. Smit, D. Weis, R. McMillan, J. Scoates.
In front: C. Li, L. Harrison, J. Cho, E. Frères, L. Bilenker, M. Li, K. Low.
Photo taken March 2018. For profiles of all PCIGR team members, including those missing from the photo, please see the Team sidebar on the right (sections: Steering Committee, Research Team, Post Doctoral Fellows, Present Students, Past Students).