Pacific Centre for Isotopic and Geochemical Research
Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences,
The University of British Columbia

Sample Preparation

The sample preparation laboratories of PCIGR are located on the top floor of the EOS Main building. The three labs are completely independent in terms of air supply. The labs are accessed by a vestibule. The entire air-handling system is filtered by 42 HEPA filters, with two levels of pre-filtration. The labs were designed to achieve Class 1000 — all the measurements are close to Class 100. Each lab is equipped with two or three Class 100 laminar flow hoods. In each lab, one hood is an exhaust hood; the tracer lab is also equipped with a perchloric hood.

U-Pb Lab small

The three clean labs are divided according to specific analytical needs and the level of the required chemical processing: the tracer lab is devoted to “routine” Sr-Nd-Hf separation for isotopic studies, together with separation for heavy stable isotope studies; the U-Pb lab is only used for U-Pb zircon (+baddeleyite/monazite/titanite) chemistry; and the low-level tracer lab is devoted to low-level chemical analyses and preparations that have special requirements (ppm to ppb level).

Access to the labs is strictly limited to the users and requires complete gowning. Sample preparation, dish-washing, and bomb dissolution are carried out in the prep room before taking only the cleanest necessary items into the clean labs. Two systems of high-capacity Elix/MilliQ water filtration provide ultra-clean water, and all of the acids are either quartz-distilled or sub-boiled as needed. Our blank levels are excellent, in the 10–100 pg range for all the elements that we are dealing with. We carry out a bi-weekly monitoring of the cleanliness of all the reagents and the air quality of the labs.

CFI Lab small