Pacific Centre for Isotopic and Geochemical Research
Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences,
The University of British Columbia


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User Fee Structure as of August 1, 2022.

Fees are in Canadian dollars and for Canadian institutions: for non-Canadian institutions, please contact Dominique Weis (

Users, please note: PCIGR is no longer offering Ar-Ar geochronology analyses.

To submit samples to PCIGR for analyses, please fill in this form (fillable PDF form, click to download) and email it to the team member in charge, with copies to Dominique Weis (


Instrument/Analysis Type
(per sample unless indicated)

NSERC Academic


Others (Industry)

The categories above refer to Canadian-based research.
For other queries, please contact us (see fillable PDF form for specific contacts)

Rush requests: add 40%

Element concentration (HR-SF-ICPMS, Q-ICPMS)
Elemental concentration analyses and in-situ isotopic compositions
Per hour – Element2/AttoM* $75 $115 $150
Per hour – Quad* $65 $100 $130
Add for Apex high-sensitivity sample introduction $5 $10 $15
Add for Aridus high-sensitivity sample introduction $10 $20 $30
Per sample (all trace elements)* $130 $195 $260
Per hour laser ablation** $100 $150 $200
Per hour split stream between 2 instruments $135 $200 $270

*Common rock/mineral separate samples/trace element analysis can be charged on a per-sample basis. Per-sample fee includes sample digestion and preparation (no high-pressure digestion). Extra fee for samples needing high-pressure digestion. Refer to “Sample Preparation” below.
Due to the complexity of rock samples, we reserve the right to add an extra fee for samples that require extensive extra work in sample preparation and analysis.
For organic material or waters, analyses may be charged by hour for both sample preparation and analysis.

**Per hour laser ablation (minimum 8 hrs) — contact us for daily rate.

Labor fee for instrument setup and tuning extra. Please contact us for more details.

Light Stable IRMS
C, N, O isotopic compositions
δ15N, δ13C, %C, %N of solid samples $15 $22.50 $30
δ15N, δ13C, %C, %N of difficult samples (sediments, soils, filters) $20 $27.50 $35
Elemental composition only $10 $17.50 $25
Prep in our facility, per sample $4.85 $4.85 $5.50

Please note: C and O analysis of carbonate materials is temporarily unavailable as we renovate the lab.

Radiogenic Sr, Nd and Pb isotopic compositions
Sr isotopic analysis $210 $315 $420
Sr isotopic analysis + Rb-Sr conc. $250 $375 $500
Nd isotopic analysis $240 $360 $480
Nd isotopic analysis + Sm-Nd conc. $280 $420 $560
Pb isotopes (galena) $80 $120 $160
Pb isotopes (feldspar and sulphide) $160 $240 $320
Zircon – Chemical Abrasion and/or accessory minerals
(4 analyses minimum)
$1,500 $2,250 $3,000
U-Pb Laser ablation
Detrital zircon (60 grains) $1,200 $1,800 $2,400
Igneous zircon (16 analyses minimum) $1,000 $1,500 $2,000

The above fees for U-Pb geochronology include mineral separation and sample preparation. The cost of mineral separation will still be charged in case of no recovery.

Turn-around time is 4 months when 5 or fewer samples are submitted; rush status is 2 months.

Please contact us for turn-around time for submissions of more than 5 samples.

Garnet, apatite $2,250 $3,400 $4,500
Radiogenic Isotopic compositions
Nd isotopic analysis $240 $360 $480
Hf isotopic analysis $290 $435 $580
Hf isotopic analysis + Lu-Hf conc. $330 $495 $660
Zircon Hf isotopic analysis $230 $345 $460
Pb isotopic analysis $190 $285 $380

Contact us for combined analyses on the same dissolution.

Heavy/transitional metal stable isotope analyses
Si, Fe, Cu, Mg, Mo, Cd, Li isotopes – per day $1000 ^ ^

^ Heavy/transitional metal stable isotope analyses are not offered on a commercial basis.

Sample preparation
Radiogenic isotopic analyses and geochronology
Leaching $105 $160 $220
Bomb dissolution, extra $165 $245 $330
Rock crushing for radiogenic studies $180 $270 $360
Mineral separation for U-Pb geochronology $350 $525 $700

Available only for samples analyzed at PCIGR

For a price estimate of sample preparation and analyses for any of the above options, please contact:
Dr. Dominique Weis

phone: 604-822-1697