Pacific Centre for Isotopic and Geochemical Research
Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences,
The University of British Columbia

Skierszkan, Elliott Karl, thesis, 2018

Skierszkan, Elliott Karl, July 2018. Application of molybdenum (and zinc) stable isotopes to trace geochemical attenuation in mine waste. PhD, Supervisors: Dr. K. Ulrich Mayer and Dr. Roger Beckie.

Fourny, Anais, thesis, 2018

Fourny, Anais, July 2018. Radiogenic isotopic systematics of layered intrusions: application to the Mesoproterozoic Kiglapait intrusion of coastal Labrador, Canada, and to mafic-ultramafic rock reference materials. PhD, Supervisors: Dr. James S. Scoates and Dr. Dominique Weis.

EMO, R. 2018

Emo, Robert Bernard, April 2018. Archean crustal evolution constrained by strontium isotopes in apatite and uranium-lead geochronology and trace element geochemistry of zircon. MSc, Supervisor: Dr. Matthijs Smit.

Harrison, Lauren Nicole, November 2017.

Harrison, Lauren Nicole, November 2017. Isotopic and chemical heterogeneity of the Hawaiian mantle plume : evaluating mantle geodynamics and characterization of the Loa geochemical trend. PhD, Supervisor: Dr. Dominique Weis.

De Baere, Bart, PhD, December 2016.

De Baere, Bart, December 2016. Investigating mineral dissolution kinetics by Flow-Through Time-Resolved Analysis (FT-TRA). PhD, Supervisor: Dr. Roger Francois.