Pacific Centre for Isotopic and Geochemical Research
Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences,
The University of British Columbia

New Instrumentation for PCIGR

The PCIGR proposal led by D. Weis was approved for full-funding from both the Leading Edge Fund (LEF) of the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) in 2009 and the BC-KDF this year. With the in-kind contributions, PCIGR will receive a total investment of ~$7.5 million to expand and update its geochemical analytical equipment.  The centrepiece of the new proposal is a Nu 1700, a large geometry high-resolution multi-collector plasma mass spectrometer, in addition to other cutting-edge instruments.

A research and development (R&D) project is also being developed with Nu Instruments Ltd. to establish a unique geochemical facility in North America that will allow for new analytical developments and integration with teaching and outreach into EOS and the ESSB.  This is all exceptionally good news that will push EOS further to the forefront of  research in geochemistry worldwide with applications to the earth and environmental sciences.

D. Weis – Daly Lecturer for 2010, Fall AGU

From the AGU August, 2010 VGP Newsletter #41
Daly Lecture 2010 : Steve Sparks, VGP president – I have great pleasure in announcing the Daly Lecturer for 2010 as Dominique Weis (University of British Columbia, Canada). This year the Daly lecture will be delivered at Fall AGU. The title, time and venue will be announced later, but Dominique plans to discuss exciting new results on Hawaii that have implications for understanding the mantle plume.
Webcast of Daly lecture Dec 16 2010:

AGU-Dec 2010

Runner-up prize for best student talk at the 11th Int’l Platinum Symposium

Corey Wall (M.Sc. candidate) was awarded the runner-up prize for best student talk at the 11th International Platinum Symposium held in Sudbury, Ontario from June 21-24, 2010.

Corey’s talk was entitled: “Refining the precise age and duration of magmatism related to the Stillwater Complex” by Corey J. Wall, James S. Scoates, Richard M. Friedman, and William P. Meurer. The 4-page extended abstract is available on-line:
/NewsEvents/11IPS/Abstracts .htm?Laurentian_Lang=en-CA

Prize Won at the Mineral Exploration Roundup!

Katrin Breitsprecher (PhD candidate, EOS) was awarded the first-place prize for best student poster at the Mineral Exploration Roundup meeting (held in Vancouver – Jan. 18-21, 2010).

Katrin’s poster was entitled:
Breitsprecher, K., Scoates, J.S., Davis, W.J., Friedman, R.M., Anderson, R.G. & Weis, D., U-Pb (zircon) geochronology of Mesozoic intrusions from the southern Quesnel and Stikine terranes: temporal trends in magmatism of the Nicola Arc.