Pacific Centre for Isotopic and Geochemical Research
Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences,
The University of British Columbia

New Instrumentation for PCIGR

PCIGR proposal led by D. Weis to the Leading Edge Fund (LEF) of the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) was approved for full-funding.

PCIGR will receive almost $3 million to expand and update its geochemical analytical equipment, centred around the purchase of a Nu 1700, a large geometry high-resolution multi-collector plasma mass spectrometer, unique in Canada. The results of a proposal for matching funds from BC-KDF are pending, which together with the in-kind contributions will represent a total investment of ~$7.5 million.

Link to the UBC Public Affairs, media release June 18, 2009

The CFI announcement and a complete list of projects funded this June
2009 can be found at: